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The parade takes places annually in conjunction with our county fair and runs down Main Street.  Those interested in entering the parade will need to contact the Chamber of Commerce.
1.  Parade begins promptly at 10:00 a.m. RAIN OR SHINE.  (Bring rain gear or plastic covering if needed.)
2.  Parade line up will be from 8:00-8:30 a.m.  Judging begins at 9:00 a.m.  All entries must be in place, set up, and riders must remain in place until all judging is completed.  Entries WILL NOT be judged if participants are NOT IN PLACE.
3.  Holders of political office are welcome.  NO CAMPAIGNING (distribution of cards, etc.) by any parade participants will be permitted.
4.  A licensed driver must drive automobiles and large vehicles.  Small vehicles (lawn tractors, mini-bikes, etc.) must be operated by a person age 10 or older.
5.  Judging will be by a point system involving general appearance, artistry, originality, animation, and costuming.  A separate award will be given for the entry best representing the theme.  The theme this year is "HULLABALOO AND WILD HOGS, TOO".
6.  The La Salle County Fair Association and the Cotulla-La Salle County Chamber of Commerce assume NO responsibility for accidents or loss of any kind.
7.  The Parade Committee retains the right to refuse entry of any float, unit or individual, not conforming to the standards of the committee.  Failure to comply with parade rules may result in removal from the parade formation and will affect future invitations.
8.  Alcoholic beverages are forbidden before and during the parade.
9.  All bands will be uniformly dressed and accompanied by an adult leader.  High school bands that participate are invited to bring their Junior High bands either to march with them or as a separate unit.  Please indicate number of units on the entry form.  Leader's name must be submitted with acceptance card.
10.  Parade participants are not permitted to leave vehicle or demonstrate in the street or to stop or slow the forward movement of the parade in any way.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.
11.  When disbanding, units shall not block flow of traffic for participants behind them.
12.  An adult supervisor who shall be responsible for his/her group following all parade rules shall accompany each youth group.  Adult groups shall name a contact person.  Names of supervisor or contact person must be submitted with acceptance.
13.  No articles whatsoever (gum, candy, flyers, etc.) may be thrown, handed or passed from any float or vehicle.  You may have persons walking beside your float or vehicle handing the articles to the audience.
14.  Deadline for entries in the parade will be March 7, 2005.

Note:  All preparations of your entry must be completed before arrival in Cotulla.  Please be sure to put enough gas in the vehicle and check for any oil leaks, etc.  It is very important that the parade keep moving.

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