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 Little Mr. and Miss La Salle Contest Entry Rules
1.  Contestant must be a boy or girl 4 or 5 years of age by the contest date, Thursday, March 10, 2005.
2.  Contestant must reside in La Salle County, Texas and continue to reside in La Salle County until the following fair.  If contestant should move during their reign, the runner up will take their place and contestant shall surrender title.
3.  Contestant must pay a $10.00 registration fee as well as an additional $25.00 sponsorship fee ($35.00 total) which can be paid by parents, businesses or relatives.  All sponsorship money will be combined and used to purchase participants' prizes.
4.  Contestants must be willing to represent the county and city by riding the Chamber of Commerce float in the La Salle County Fair Parade held during the County Fair.
5.  Deadline for entry is February 14, 2005.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Once submitted, applications may not be changed nor entry fees returned.
6.  Contestants will be judged on poise, appearance, and personality.
7.  Judges will be from outside La Salle County and not related to any contestant.

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