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 Miss La Salle County Fair Queen Entry Rules
1.  Eligibility
A.  Each young lady must be from the area of the Cotulla Independent School District or resident of La Salle County, and be in compliance with House Bill #72 (passing).
B.  Contestant must be single. (Defined as a girl who is not or has never been married, nor pregnant or ever been pregnant.)
C.  Contestants must be in Grades 9 through 11.
D.  Contestants must have parents' written consent to enter contest.
E.  Candidates must reside with parents or guardian at time of application for Fair Queen and during entire reign as Fair Queen.
F.  Candidates must have an entry in the 2005 La Salle County Fair, either in livestock, foods, arts and crafts, or science divisions and must comply with the general rules of the entered division.
G.  Contestant must be in good standing in behavior and academic performance. (Students who have been suspended from school for disciplinary reasons during the contest period and/or during the fair shall not be eligible.  Students who have been adjudicated in a juvenile court proceeding are also not eligible to participate.)
2.  The contestants will be judged on the following criteria:  Appearance, Poise, Personality, and Promotional Commercial.
3.  Each contestant will be asked three (3) questions about herself and one (1) question about one of the following topics: La Salle County, type of hunting in La Salle County, Cotulla, or wild hogs.  A list of questions will be provided to contestants at least three (3) days prior to the competition so they may properly prepare for the contest.  The contest will be held during the Fair.
4.  Contestants must wear western attire (pants or skirt).
5.  The following routine will compose the Miss La Salle County Fair Queen contest:
Routine #1:  Contestant must provide a recent photograph and a 300 word essay about herself to the Fair Queen Committee.
Routine #2:  The contestants individually walk a stage routine.
Routine #3:  All contestants appear on stage as a group.
Routine #4:  Individual interview with the emcee and response to the questions.
Routine #5:  All contestants appear together on stage.
6.  The young woman crowned as Fair Queen shall be required to hand out all trophies at the La Salle County Cook-Off, Fair, Stock Show, and Ranch Rodeo.
7.  All applications will be due by February 21, 2005.

2004 Miss La Salle County Fair Contestant   Miss La Salle County Fair Queen Contestants   2004 Miss La Salle County Fair Queen Contestants

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