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The Arts and Crafts area in the Exhibit Hall always proves to be a big success.  Priority to exhibit in this building is given to individuals selling their own homemade arts and crafts.  (Note: If there is space available, commercial vendors may also exhibit in this building at the same $75.00 per space rate.)  Vendors must supply their own tables and chairs, as they WILL NOT be provided by the Fair Association.

The carnival is located towards the rear of the fairgrounds with commercial spaces located nearby, as well as near the Legion Hall, on the south and west sides of the arena, and alongside the Exhibit Hall.  All of these spaces have electricity and lighting provided nearby.

Download copy of Commercial Application (PDF format)

 2005 Commercial Exhibitor Rules
Space Assignments
Exhibitor spaces will be assigned by the Commercial Exhibits Chairman on February 14, 2005.  Priority will be given to the previous year's exhibitors, then opened to other applicants by order of receipt.  Late applications will be accepted on a "space available" basis.  NO PETS ALLOWED ON GROUNDS.
Spaces and Costs
Fairgrounds (outdoor) spaces are $65 per space.  Exhibit Hall (indoor) spaces are $75 per space; priority is given to Arts and Crafts in this building.
All spaces include free limited electricity (200 watts maximum, the equivalent of two 100 watt light bulbs).  Additional electricity is available in accordance with the fee schedule on the application form.
Commercial exhibits must be set up no later than 9:00 a.m. on Saturday; vehicles are allowed on the fairgrounds for set-up purposes only until 9:00 a.m.  Note: Vendors may set up and operate as early as Thursday afternoon if desired, however, those in the Exhibit Hall, which must wait until Friday morning.
Hours of Operation
There are no mandated hours for exhibitor operations, although set-up and take-down restrictions apply.  Exhibitors may remain open as long as desired until the end of activities on Sunday evening.
Take-Down and Clean-Up
Vehicles may not re-enter the fairgrounds until after 6:00 p.m. Saturday.  Spaces must be cleaned prior to departure or exhibitor will be charged a $25 cleaning fee.  Anything left on the grounds after Monday, March 14, 2005 becomes property of the Fair Association.
Free parking for exhibitors is available in the parking areas east and west of the fairgrounds.  No parking is allowed on the grounds.  Only space #40-#60 have room to park vehicles behind the spaces, but between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. those vehicles may not be moved.  Overnight parking is permitted in designated areas only, but will cost $10 per night if any electricity (15 amps max) is attached; there is no charge if electricity is not connected.
Gate Passes
Exhibitors will be issued two (2) gate passes (wristbands) per space.  The bands must be worn at all times and are not transferable (i.e., one band per person).  Additional bands are $5.00 each.  Passes are good for the entire weekend; do NOT remove them after the first day as they only fasten once.  Daily admission must be paid by anyone without a pass, so it is advisable to apply early to insure receipt of your gate passes prior to arrival.
Additional Information
The Fair Association reserves the right to remove exhibits without refund which, for any reason, are deemed objectionable (fireworks, indecent art, etc.), as well as the right to prohibit any exhibit which it feels may detract from the general character of the event.
No refunds will be issued after February 20, 2005.

Various exhibits are acceptable, including arts and crafts, food, information tables, retail sales, etc.  

If you would like to participate as a vendor/exhibitor, you will need to submit a completed commercial application.  In your application, please be thorough in your description of the items to be sold or exhibited.  Also, when requesting exhibit spaces, be sure to list several locations in case your first choice is unavailable.  Returning exhibitors receive priority when requesting locations.  Exhibit spaces will be assigned by February 14, 2005.  After that, assignments will be made on a "first come, first served" basis.  Any application received after March 3, 2005 will be charged a $25 late processing fee which must be paid in cash or by money order.

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